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What Is Software Testing?

Software testing is a method of executing application or program for searching software bugs. Software testing can be performed manually or with the use of an automated tool. The purpose of software testing is to find software bugs, to ensure that the software product is fit for use, and to validate that the software product works as expected. Software testing can be performed at many levels, such as unit testing, functional testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

Types Of Software Testing

There are two main types of software testing: functional and non-functional.

Functional testing ensures that the application works as expected by a user. This is done by testing each individual part of the software, such as the navigation or the search bar.

Non-functional testing, on the other hand, checks the effectiveness and efficiency of the software. This is done by testing the software’s performance, scalability, and stability.

Other types of software testing include white-box testing, black-box testing, functional testing, unit testing, and regression testing.

The Advantages Of Software Testing

Software testing is an activity aimed at evaluating an application or system to detect the presence of bugs. The application of software testing in the software development process helps to reduce the number of defects in software and to ensure that software is fit to use and reliable. Read on a few benefits of software testing below: 

• Reducing the number of defects in software.

• Ensuring that software is fit for purpose

• Ensuring that software is reliable

• Identifying and fixing defects

Requirement Of Software Testing

Check Compatibility

Testing your device compatibility is very important when you update your device. The new software is compatible with your device. For example, if you download the new Android software, it must be compatible with your device. This may cause a problem with your device. We recommend you check your device's compatibility with the latest version of software before downloading it.


Add Life To The Development Process

It can help resolve issues during the development of a software product and improve the product quality. For example, testing can be conducted prior to the release of a product to ensure that the product meets the needs and expectations of the client. Also, testing can be conducted after the release of a product to determine the status of the product and to identify any issues that need to be fixed.

• Include New Features

In software testing, we can work with new features and make new changes to the software. Adding new features to the software is sometimes very tricky, and we need to be very careful while doing this. New changes can break the software, and we will be forced to fix it.

Determine The Performance Of The Software

Software testing is a process of inspecting, understanding, and evaluating the quality of software products with the help of test cases, test plans, and test environments. It helps to improve the quality of software products for end users.

Final Words

Software testing is finally a vital part of software development and maintenance. Testing can be conducted as soon as a system is built, or after it is built. Some quality assurance specialists believe that one should test software at every stage of development, while others believe that it is sufficient to test software only when the module is completed. Testing should detect as many errors as possible, and it is performed by the testers. Meghsundar Pvt. Ltd. also has competent testers with years of expertise.


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