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How To Choose Right Software Company For Job?

Not getting the right job? We have penned down some useful tips on finding a company that suits you.

It often happens with job seekers as they see the job description fall into the attractive salary package and they directly apply for it, assuming that they will easily handle the work, whatever that is. Do you know? We spend approximately 90,000 hours at work, so it is essential that we ensure that it is a right choice.

Before you agree on that role, there are a few steps you can follow to give yourself a chance of picking a company that is absolutely suitable for you.

1. Identify What Should Be Your Job In A Company

Take a piece of paper or open a new word document and prepare a list of the following:

• Which was your preferred work experience and why?

• Which job is the least preferred for you and why?

• What career gave you satisfaction inside out?

• What was your professional moment that made it so unpleasant for you?

There is no hurry. Take your time, ask and answer the underlying questions yourself for your next job role. The journey to finding the right software development company begins with you. First of all, clear up all your doubts. You should be aware of which role you are most interested in, such as web developer, content writer, web designer, or anything else.

2. Know The Company’s Culture.

Is there any way to know about a particular company? Yes, you can put that company’s name on Google and in just a single click you will get a good sense of the employer brand and the company’s principles on what is crucial.

Check out how the company is rated on Glassdoor. Check all the reviews. Take a glimpse at the company’s team page and about page and observe – does this exactly match what workers report on Glassdoor? How does a company cite itself?

Don't forget to look into what others are saying about the company on Google. Also check out the company’s social media profiles.

3. Examine The Geographical Location

The way of communicating has transformed in the last few years. Now we can easily do video and call conferencing anywhere in the world. Online collaboration software has broken the blockades among companies that are located in different parts of the world. The only blockade today is language, so make sure you have a perfect command of the English language because it is a universal language.

Next, how can you check the company before communicating with them? You must have been knowing where it is situated. If the company is situated in Canada, though its developers could be from different countries, the possibility is its team speaks English.

4. Ask Some Analytical Questions During The Interview

The interview process is not just about confirming you are the perfect fit for a specific company. It is a chance to ensure whether the company is right for you or not. Though you will be asked a number of questions, it is also time to ask questions to the front faces or prospective boss.

We have listed 10 questions that are necessary to ask a future manager.

1. How many years has the company completed?

2. What was the last achievement the company celebrated?

3. What is the dress code here?

4. Do you offer some fun activities for your employees?

5. What is the office timing and how many non-paid sick leaves are there in a month?

6. How much time do the leaders spend in the office?

7. How do you measure success and over what time frame?

8. How many of the present team members have flexible schedules?

9. Do your employees learn other new things apart from their fixed job role?

10. After how many periods will an employee’s salary be increased?

5. Unignorable Red Flags

If any of the given-below points you notice, keep in mind that this is a clear warning sign for you and you should focus on them. Around 58% of managers get no training before they become managers, which means they might get promoted for their skills at a suggested task rather than their management skills.

A disorganized interviewer is a sign that you should feel nervous before continuing the application process with a firm. If you feel awful after meeting your interviewer, it is probably that you are not going to have a better experience with the firm.

If you pan out with your future boss, it is not certain that you are going to enjoy the work. Will this leader give you career advice and good feedback? Will they also gauge your performance and and push you ahead to think out of the box?

If the company seems directionless, you might want to find existing and old employees on LinkedIn to determine how long they have worked for the company. These former employees can give you feedback that no website can do.

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