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10 Different Ways To Create A Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Search Engine Marketing (SEM in short) is one of the biggest campaigns to promote your products or services or grow your business online. Like SEO, Search Engine Marketing focuses on increasing the visibility of your website in search engines and, as a result, driving traffic to your site.

The Concept Of A SEM Campaign Is Child’s Play:

When someone searches for a service or product online, it means they are in "search mode" and he/she is in need of applicable details to meet any future or immediate requirement.

An indicator is sent to the search engine that a person is finding something, and the search engine offers some of the best sources of targeted traffic. A SEM campaign or strategy is a broad term that encompasses a variety of other activities, such as

• Search retargeting

• Social media marketing (SMM)

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Offering sites to directories

• Handling paid listings in search engines

An SEM campaign is an infusion of all the above-mentioned activities, and it is often known by the term "PPC" (pay-per-click ads). These advertisements are visual and provide information to the users in one go.

10 Different And Powerful Ways To Create An SEM Campaign

1. PPC Ads

PPC (pay per click advertising) is much better than any other strategy. PPC focuses on sponsoring your website through paid ads (based on targeting keywords).

Bing/Yahoo and Google Adwords are two important players in PPC advertising. Read about these two in depth.

a). Google Adwords

Google Adwords helps customers market their services or products on the Google search engine. It also uses text advertisements that are displayed when a person searches for keywords that are related to your product/service/business.

PPC advertisements reflect a short text ad with a small description and a title.

The advantages of using Google Adwords to promote your business.

• Reach a large chunk of users through Adwords by using the right set of keywords.

• Have full control over your advertisements, like when and where they need to be shown and how much you need to pay per click.

• There's no need to be concerned about your budget because Adwords is extremely selective.

b). Bing/Yahoo!

After Google, the search engine that gets the highest number of searches every day is Bing/Yahoo. All you need to do is sign up on the Yahoo search marketing website to endorse your service or product on the Bing/Yahoo! networks (a greater merger of both the search engines).

You only have to pay for the number of clicks you get.

The Benefits of Bing/Yahoo! Search Marketing

• Reach new potential customers who don’t use Google for search.

• Users of Bingo and Yahoo are more than the average internet user.

• This cost is lower than Google Adwords due to less competition. 

2. Website Design

Website design is an important factor in SEM and SEO strategy. Hire a talented website developer to build an alluring website for your business. Do you know? The website is the first impression that keeps visitors engaged on your site and viewing the details over there. And the details or content should be genuine and qualitative.

3. Sales Copy

Grabbing the customers’ attention is necessary, right? What you need to do is talk about the product and its features. Ensure that your sales copy and PPC ads catch customer interest.

4. Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search It seems new, doesn’t it? It is an effective way to get links.

A few steps to aid you to do that.

• Visit ‘Google image search’

• Enter the search string, i.e., URL or your website name.

• You will get the photos (indexed by Google) on your website.

• Click on the photos to see the facts.

• If you find someone using your photos on a website without your permission or without linking to you, then contact the site owner.

• Leave a message saying that the photo is originally from your website and plead with them to put an attribution link.

5. Keep An Eye On Competitors' Backlinks.

You should know who your top competitors are and monitor their backlinks. But why? Because this will aid you in acquiring ideas for quality links. If you find their target keyword and enter it into your backlink software or tool, you can easily get a list of backlinks for your website.

6. Infographics

Infographics are a powerful link-building tool in both – SEO and SEM campaigns. It is all about visual content marketing. Make your own infographics because it costs lesser than having them created by others.

Check here: How to create robust infographics

• Write the original description and include genuine data sources.

• Use a pretty design and share infographics on social media.

• Creativity will help make your campaign more fruitful.

• Use statistics and short, crisp information to gain more attraction.

7. Be Available 24*7.

Do not be spammy and make your website as user-friendly as possible. Always solve the queries of the customers via the 24*7 customer support service. Keep track of the activity of your users online. Check out blogs and forums for discussion related to your business. People will gradually begin to know you and will also begin linking to your site.

8. Reverse Guest Posting

This is the opposite of guest posting. Guest posting includes searching for a third party to write unique content for your website, while reverse guest posting involves finding the best bloggers to write content for your website.

Share posts through social media and share your site's link. Share a strong bond with bloggers and give a new direction to your writing.

9. Get Feedback

There are a number of websites where backlinks are created and feedback is accepted. All you need to do is get signed up on the site, submit your website, and write a description of your service or product. If a user mentions your company or brand, you will know what the users think of your company.

Any mention of your product or business online is the method of obtaining links to your site. You can use tools to track mentions of your business or product online.

This is also another great way to have high visibility in both SEO and SEM.

10. Blogger Reviews

Receiving reviews about your service or product from blogs is one way to obtain quality backlinks to your site. Getting the attention of bloggers is extremely difficult.

Learn how to entice bloggers.

Provide some free material, share information to help people learn something, and create readable content without any grammatical errors.


In this blog, we strongly tried to mention 10 different and tremendous ways to build a search marketing campaign. SEM is mostly similar to SEO in that both help the business or website increase visibility in search engines. No matter if it is a startup or an experienced business, SEO and SEM are beneficial for both and a success mantra to have an effective and highly visible website.

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